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Jamie Oliver’s Chef director Sam Elliott comments on his day cooking with Lat !!    (  Many more current reviews below – scroll down to see more  )

The Thai cooking experience on Samui  Visited in 2016

What an absolute pleasure it was spending the day with Lat and Cam at island Organics. There are many cookery classes to choose from on Samui but the experience at Island Organics goes so much further than just amazing cookery lessons.

Upon arrival to Island Organics we were given a tour of the gardens, being a passionate gardener and Chef myself I was in my element. Harvesting our ingredients straight from the land prior to our cookery lesson was incredible. Ingredients included turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, chillies, herbs, shallots, papaya, peanuts and oyster mushrooms from the humid mushroom hut!

We were then given a tour of the garden which included Aquaponics vegetables grown super sustainably, a vertical herb bottle garden and a fresh brewing of worm tea to fertilise the once exhausted land from the abundance of coconut trees. Both
Lat and Cam have a clear passion for working with the land in demanding conditions as the garden is now thriving with fruit trees, lush herbs, spices and vegetables

The cookery lessons were superb, we were given a choice of dishes we would like to cook with Lat, these include all of the classic Thai dishes plus the opportunity to learn any of our favourites that were not listed. We cooked Thai yellow curry, papaya salad “Som Tam”, hot and sour prawn soup, & Thai spring rolls.

First job was to make our curry pastes, pounding a variety of herbs, spices and aromatics in the mortar until smooth, such amazing smells! Then we made the coconut cream and milk by grating fresh coconuts then rinsing and squeezing with a little water to release the cream, the flavour was so delicious!

Lat very clearly demonstrated each dish before announcing “your turn” to which we all returned to our cookery stations to replicate the dishes ourselves.

After successfully cooking each dish we would then gather around the table to eat our wonderful creations.

To summarise….

If you are looking for the Ultimate Thai experience in Koh Samui to learn to cook traditional Thai food with great company in a beautiful surrounding at very competitive pricing then Island Oranganic is the one for you !

A dream set up  Reviewed April 2017

Cam and Lat have an amazing place and we haven’t been able to stop talking about it since. Their lovely welcoming attitude and fascinating journey was a great hit. The passion they have for their home and work is clear in everything they do. Lat’s food (and patience 😉 ) was unbelievable and we particularly enjoyed learning about making curry pastes from scratch. Still dreaming about those flavours.

Wonderful cooking class!  Reviewed April 2017
3 friends and I had an awesome day at the Island Organics farm. Seeing what they have achieved there with innovative farming is truly inspiring! Was great to have a tour around first picking a few things for our class and checking out all the plants, watering systems, aquaponics etc etc. Be prepared if it’s a hot day outside though!
In the open air kitchen its nice and cool though with fans going so very pleasant.
All of the meals we cooked were delicious, I only wished I’d been able to eat more of them or take some with us (unfortunately we weren’t going straight back to hotel so couldn’t get takeaway as others did).The class itself was easy to follow and I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes out at home (although not sure i’ll be quite as ambitious to make my own coconut milk or curry pastes as we did in the class!). Lat was super friendly and helpful, keeping an eye on us to make sure we were all following along. The class was full (I think) with 12(?) students total. Perfect for large or small groups, or as a couples activity too.Having a look through Cam’s gallery was very interesting as well, some stunning photography of thailand and cambodia.All in all a fantastic way to spend a day in Thailand, we were gone about 6 hrs total including transfers. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

My husband and I were given this lovely experience as a gift. The Island Organics Thei cooking class was something that we both thoroughly enjoyed. Both Lat and Cameron were fantastic hosts and made the class feel very welcome. I am gluten free and they were able to cater for anyone that had allergies.

We were not sure what to expect from the class but boy did we have a great time. From the very moment we arrived we were treated to a cool drink and some beautiful tropical fruits. Then it was on to the garden tour where Cam and Lat explained everything that they have achieved in their garden from the very humble beginnings.

We cooked four courses consisting of Spring rolls Vegetarian Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Coconut Soup with Chicken, Yellow Curry with Prawns and Papaya Salad. Each person has their own cooking station and at the end of the class we all sat down and ate together.

To Lat and Cameron, thank you so much for such a wonderful and fun experience. We hope to come back soon and have another day with you. Totally awesome.

Best day out on Samui Visited April 2017

This is our 5th trip to Thailand and 5th Thai cooking class but this was the best one yet in Thailand. Most have taken us to the market to buy the food we cooked but this one added that extra element of showing us through the organic garden where hosts Cameron and Lat grow their own fruit, vege and herbs in a unique and inspiring way. We learnt about composting, improving impoverished and depleted soil, recycling, vertical gardening, aquaponics, DIY fertiliser, clay pot irrigation and lots more. Cam is Ozzy and Lat has excellent English as well so it was a great opportunity to ask lots of questions about food, gardening, travel, culture etc. I took my 70 year old dad along as we took him to Thailand to visit world war 2 sites up north first. He said this was his best day in Thailand. My only tip would be don’t have breakfast before you go! Also take some extra cash as Cam’s amazing photography is on sale as are beer and soft drink. Try the island made probiotic soft drink as it’s sure to take off. Also if the web site says there are no spaces available just send through an email anyway as Viator said there were no spaces available on the day I wanted to book but provided an email address and a note to contact Cam and Lat directly so I am really glad I did! This would also be a great group activity as there were 10 cooking stations set up the day we went and the 2 pick up vehicles are I think 7 seaters:)

What an experience! Visited April 2017
This was such a fun class. It started with a walk around the garden and futuristic vertical crops which was very educational. And then we had three separate dishes to cook. Our teacher was very helpful and her English was excellent. Our other host Cam was also helpful and is quite the photographer. Thanks for a great class. Highly recommend!!!
Amazing Experience!  Visited March 2017 
I went to Island Organics Thai cooking class with my mum and we both really enjoyed it. My mum is an experienced cook and I’m not but we both enjoyed it equally. We are both vegetarian and attended the class on a day when non veg dishes were being taught but Lat adjusted the class to suit us. We started with a tour of the organic farm which was beautiful! We saw how everything is grown using different methods such as Aquaponics etc which was great to see. Lat taught the class very well and everything was extremely well organised. After the class we all sat together and ate what we had cooked. It was a day well spent. Cam and Lat are so passionate about what they do and that’s very inspiring. Cam is also a very good photographer and you can see his work in his studio adjoining the cooking class.
Amazing Thai Cooking Class Reviewed March 2017 

What Lat & Cam have created in their garden and within this cooking class experience is amazing! They were so informative and knowledgable about organic gardening to cooking and it is very apparent that they have been successful in carrying out their passion. This includes Cam’s photo gallery. Their garden was so impressive and Lat made cooking Thai food fun and easy. There are many cooking classes in Thailand, but I can’t imagine a better class than this one. My friends and I absolutely loved this class.

Visited March 2017
Perfect!  Reviewed March 2017

Raining, so we booked at the last time a cooking class. It was fantastic! Friendly people, beautiful garden and well organised!

“A great Learning Experience”  Reviewed August 2016

I recently had the good fortune of spending a day with Lat and Cam at their amazing organic farm/home/cooking class. If you want to get a taste of Koh Samui outside of the busy tourist strip and learn something about Thai food and cooking, I’d highly recommend this experience! I also learned quite a bit about organic farming and ways to grow clean food by non-traditional means.

Cam and Lat are kind, welcoming and impressively knowledgable. As a solo traveler, I am constantly looking for experiences where I can connect with other travelers outside of a bar scene and learn something about the culture I am visiting. I usually take cooking classes wherever I go, and I can say that this was one of the best! It’s totally worth a day away from the beach!

“Incredible organic farm and cooking class”  Visited august 2016

So much more than a cooking class. It’s more of a total food experience. You get to meet Cam and Lat, the beautiful owners of this one acre property close to Chaweng beach. You’ll love hearing the story of how they lovingly, by hand, transformed a baron and infertile land into a leaving, breathing, thriving farm overflowing with organic delights. You may even get to hand pick some of your ingredients that you’ll spend the day turning into yummy Thai dishes. Lat is your Chef, and you’ll be humorously and expertly guided through several tasty Thai classics. She’s a pro at her craft, and the whole day is organized to perfection.

Amazing Experience with Amazing People Reviewed August 2016

Cam and Lat are incredible people who live such an amazing life in Koh Samui! We had an awesome time learning about their innovative gardening and history on the island, and made some amazing food. I would highly recommend this to anyone staying on Koh Samui, thank you guys!

While holidaying in Koh Samui one of the things the 4 of us really wanted to do was a Thai cooking class. Well we hit the jackpot with Lat and Cam the owners of Island Organics.

We started off the day being picked up at our hotel by Lat …. after arriving at their sustainable organic farm we were given a tour by Cam and Lat of their amazing farming practices. We got to pick and try some of the lovely fresh produce which we then used in the cooking class.

Lat was a calm and patient teacher showing us her authentic step by step Thai recipes, which included Pad Thai , Green Curry, Pork Salad and Vegetable Spring Rolls.

We would recommend only having a light breakfast as there is so much beautiful food to eat.

If you are visiting Koh Samui we would highly recommend this wonderful experience.

Thanks again Lat and Cam we thoroughly enjoyed our day and meeting both you , your beautiful family and friendly staff.

Our day with Cam and Lat at Island Organics was a highlight of our 10 days in Thailand. It is so much more than a cooking class, it is an education in growing organically and a wonderful introduction to many of the flavors used in Thai cuisine. We loved every moment of our experience, from Cam’s tour of the farm, the preparation and cooking of our meals with Lat, to finally getting to eat all the yummy dishes we prepared. It is obvious that a lot of hard work and thought have been put into creating this experience for their guests. We recommend 100% and hope to return!

3 day lessons  Visited July 2016

For me the maximum experience was three days. M W. Fri…. Great. It is a fantastic way to get a personal involvement with organic gardening methods culminating in using the stuff straight from the gardens in your daily cooking. AND you don’t have to do cleaning benches and utencils. The end point is eating all the dishes you have created and they taste fantastic. The envirinment they have built in the hills is a tropical wonderland. Value for money is great.

Great hosts, great food, and a fantastic family activity Visited June 2016

My family and I recently had the pleasure of doing this cooking class, and what a fantastic experience it was! From pick up to drop off, everything was very well coordinated, and we got so much more out of this experience than anticipated.
The tour of the garden was certainly a highlight of the experience, from tasting peanuts right out of the ground to the mushroom hut to the aquaponics system- it was a fascinating tour.
The cooking class itself was so engaging, and the only downside I could think of would be that we made too much food- we could barely finish it all! It was so fun to be able to cook with materials straight from the garden, and it was hilarious to see how different each of our meals turned out- a great opportunity to brush up on your spring rolling technique! Learning how to make coconut cream, milk, and curry paste from scratch was also a great take away.
Cam and Lat were excellent hosts, and were very accommodating with our silly group. Thank you for a wonderful day, I wish I could do it again!

 Genuinely inspiring experience!  Reviewed April 7, 2016

This was our last adventure on the island for my dad and I. It was something that left us feeling inspired both to “dig deeper into organic farming” (pun intended!), and a new investment in Thai cooking at home.

We couldn’t speak more highly of Cameron and Lat (and their children)!!! You can see the genuine love for what they do in the tours of the farm and in the cooking classes. It makes the entire experience worth it! Especially the vested interest they have to not only feed themselves and their family well, but the island as a whole! Anthropologists AND farmers!

You learn to cook such a wonderful variety of Thai foods. All of the herbs and vegetables are pre-portioned for you making it so much more manageable to cook many different dishes. Lat is so sweet and knowledgable, and made the entire experience feel like you were cooking with family!

Must do! Reviewed April 4, 2016

Cam and Lat (and Ging!) were wonderful hosts! Its a one of a kind cooking class experience. You get an educational tour around their beautiful organic garden (which I can’t say I was looking forward to, but I ended up being absolutely enthralled!), a thorough and delicious cooking lesson, and wonderful company. We even got to make our own coconut cream and milk! We will definitely be back and will send anyone we know who visits Samui! Thanks guys!

5 of 5 starsReviewed March 20th 2016 NEW
There are a lot of cooking lessons offered on Koh Samui, but Island Organics takes cooking lessons to another level, making the day an exceptional experience never to be forgotten! They are totally organic focused, which yields exceptional end products.

Before cooking the meal, we toured Lat and Cam’s organic farm to gather ingredients, but at the same time were fascinated to be shown a bit about how the farm works. They have developed space saving vertical gardens, make their own compost, are experimenting with aquaponics, raise their own worms, and breed Tilapia fish. We saw the Mushroom Hut where mushrooms grow from tiny little buttons to beautiful big bunches of oyster mushrooms in 24 hours!

Whilst gathering the ingredients from the garden, Lat offered tastings of mustard leaves, peanut flowers, gooseberries (with a slight taste of tomato as they are grown next to each other), and Cam’s passion fruit with a unique lime tinge – much sweeter and juicier than the traditional granadilla.

The covered outdoor kitchen set up with its individual work stations is very professional.

We cooked Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Por Piet Tot), Yellow Curry with Chicken (Gang Garee Gai), Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle Soup (Khao Soi Gai), and Papaya Salad (Som Tum Thai), and in the process learnt how to grate coconut with a traditional tool, then make coconut cream and coconut milk, to use in making the soup.

Lat and Cam’s delightful daughter, Ging and friends, silently bustled around us tidying up and ensuring that everything required for each next step was immediately at hand.

Sitting together with the rest of the class at the end of the lesson we could not believe how delicious the dishes were, nor that they were dishes we had cooked ourselves, with Lat’s cheerful, patient, and expert cullinary guidance. What a feast!

They are a star studded team, and this was a most memorable experience, kindly endorsed by Cam, (also a multi award winning, world renowned, professional photographer!) who graciously followed up with an array of action pics of our class.

When in Koh Samui do not miss this unique and richly rewarding Island Organics experience, who are rapidly ascending in notoriety, with television stations from around the world promoting their unique excellence.

Fantastic! Visited March 2016
Well what a brilliant day out on Ko Samui at Cameron and Lats place. From Camerons intro of how they set up their organic garden and Lats tour of it, with very unusual and delicious tasting of Cams hybrid passionfruit vine and tastes of herbs, to the collection of ingredients and the actual cooking of 4 great dishes which as a non cook, i was so proud to have created under Lats watchful eye, to the eating of those dishes at the end, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day out. I didnt want to leave!

Many thanks to Cam and Lat and daughter Ging.

Lat and Cam were great hosts. They absolutely live in a paradise that they build !!!Their organic garden and sustainable life should be an example for the world !!!Lat is an amazing and enthusiastic cook. I really enjoyed learning a lot about Thai food cooking with her. Thank you so very much !!!
We were so lucky to have been informed of this class by other travelers. Beautiful garden, delicious food, great family
Visited February 2016
Our family of 4 thoroughly enjoyed Lat and Cam’s hospitality from the moment we booked the cooking class. We were able to customise the dishes. The tour through the organic garden was amazing. Tasting fantastic herbs, the passion fruit was so fresh and learning about the different techniques used to sustain such healthy food. Picked ingredients that we used in the cooking. Lat and her staff were so friendly and helpful. The food we cooked was so fresh and tasty. Don’t eat a lot before you go as we had so much left over. Loved hearing Cam and Lat’s stories and wish them every success.
Visited February 2016
Just like everyone else, thoroughly enjoyed the class. Cam & Lat make you feel extremely welcome in their little piece of Thailand. They’re extremely passionate about what they are doing and this made the day even more enjoyable, cooking authentic Thai dishes in such interesting surroundings, the organically grown produce on their own land in such an ingenious efficient way is quite amazing too! This was without doubt one of the highlights of our trip – thanks you guys!  Jon & Bo 🙂
“A must for people into food and organic growing, visiting koh samui” Visited February 2016
I wa so lucky in finding Lat’s thai cooking lesson website when I decided to take a lesson during my vacation in Samui. I did not expect anything like the amazing experience I had. Lat and her husband Cam created a piece of paradise, they’re so humble, down to earth, simple and professional that you stay amazed all the time discovering the world they created. The green garden they built together is simply amazing. They started as a need of “clean” and tasty source of ingredients for their family and in a second moment they add Lat’s cooking lesson business next to it. The way the garden looks is magnificent and, after the introduction they gave on the beginning of the lesson even more. So interesting and inspiring. The lesson was very well organised in each singular details, the staff genuine, helpful and, above all, smiling. The taste of our creations was simply delicious. That’s the real deal for people who is really interested in organic growing and a thai cooking experience. I will highly recommend to every body will decide to go to Thailand. That’s my opinion that I am on the same business. From 1 to 10, I give a 10, no doubts. I will be back
Visited February 2016
A must do when in Samui! Lat’s cooking class is fantastic and what really sets her apart is the great produce used from their very own garden/farm! Organic and using aquaponics, they have created an Eco friendly space that is also educational and a hands on experience for everyone who comes! We ate passionfruit picked from the vine and walked into their mushroom growing room!

From the beginning Lat and Cam were sooo helpful, welcoming and friendly. Due to a late ferry arrival they were happy to accommodate a group of 5 of us and changed the tour time (from 10am to start at 12pm) so we could attend. They also picked us up from Bangrak Pier which was really convenient for us. They both went out of their way to create a truly memorable experience. Cam took action shots of us with our phones while cooking and shouted us a few beers after all the hard work in the kitchen!

The cooking class was fantastic, and even better it was individual! I have been to so many cooking classes where you cook a communal meal. But this is on another level! We each had our very own workstation and wok and cooked our own food. This is great for people who prefer no chilli or different proteins as everyone enjoys their meal.

Lat demonstrates then keeps a watchful eye over you and her two kitchen hands were also really helpful. The kitchen is clean and creates and authentic Thai cooking experience. The food was delicious and there was so much of it! Spring rolls, curry, soup, rice and salad. Then a surprise dessert Lat had made earlier. They were even happy to pack any leftovers in take away containers for us.

I absolutely loved it and you will too!

I was very impressed with what Cameron and Latt have achieved so far and the vision for the future in terms of farming in an environmentally-friendly way and bringing that produce straight to the kitchen. They’re both very personable and open, and the cooking was fun and low-stress, though there were a few times when we struggled to understand Latt’s pronunciation. I was detoxing at the time so I didn’t get to eat much of what I prepared, but from the reaction of the other participants we did pretty well. Cameron was kind enough to give us a tour of his home studio, where he keeps some of his fantastic photography.
Reviewed February 8, 2016 via mobile
This was a fabulous course. Cam & Lat have a fantastic set up in a stunning location. Not only did we learn to cook amazing Thai food with the freshest of ingredients (many of which we picked ourselves from their sumptuous farm) but we learnt all about hydroponics, aquaponics, organic farming, composting and so much more. My 12 year old niece although apprehensive at first proved to be an excellent cook! Highly recommend.
Reviewed February 5, 2016
Great experience, considering a Thai cooking class, this should be the one. Very professionally ran, nice small and intimate, ran by the two owners Cam and Lat whom have cultivated a wholly organic facility, (fluent English) growing all of the produce used within the class, even producing their own fertiliser and fertilisation techniques (hydroponics). You actually get to pick the herbs, fruits, mushrooms, etc direct from their grounds, and use them within the cooking class. We ate all of our meals once cooked, great. Everything is provided, refreshments, Hats, etc. Wear light clothing. Authentic cuisine in a well organised family atmosphere. Had the privilege of taking a beautiful hybrid fruit home, passion fruit Hybrid with a lime fruit. I shall try to grow them at home. Thanks you for an excellent day. Steve and Barbara UK
Reviewed February 3, 2016 via mobile
Fantastic experience , most probably one of the top things I did on this trip ! Unlike most cooking classes this one was different , impressive set up up in the hills of Ko Samui where Cam and Lat have created their own farm from pretty scratch . Loved how we were made to pick all the fresh organic produce for our cooking class making our food that extra bit tasty and authentic . Both Cam & Lat were the perfect hosts ; I highly recommend this to anyone visiting the island anytime soon . Ideal for families , friends and of course solo. 😉
“A great surprise.” 
Reviewed August 31, 2015
 What to say and where to start … The welcome is fantastic. This small family is very hospitable and above all a simplicity that is heartwarming. Everything is done to feel good. We made new friends. The hotel pickup is included if it is close, otherwise, a proposal is made. The garden is organic and Ecological. Everything is explained. They gather fruits and vegetables as well as condiments to prepare the way. The kitchen is very clean and very large. The explanations are simple, clear, appropriate and adaptable without forgetting everything is very visual to increase understanding and success of the dish, dishes! Finally … the tasting! Good products, good guides, good atmosphere = EXCELLENT. Undoubtedly the finest culinary activity of the island, but my greatest culinary adventure!
Reviewed August 25, 2015NEW
We are a family of 5, with children aged 7,12 and 13 and this was our first experience of a ‘family cookery course’.  Absolutely brilliant and hit the spot for all the age groups. Lat and Cam are very welcoming and will ensure you have an educational, fun and ‘delicious ‘ day.  Definitely a highlight for us on Koh Samui and we wish you continued success.  The Johnsons
Reviewed August 21, 2015NEW
This cooking class is a MUST DO if you are ever in Samui. They allowed us a private booking for a special birthday, 7 ladies and a 3yo, we all had a fantastic day! The organic farm was beautiful and quite educational to walk through, the kitchen area is amazing and the cooking class was informative and most importantly DELICIOUS! Cam and Lat are fantastic hosts, great communications emailing before, during and after our visit. They definitely go the extra mile with hospitality – balloons, birthday cake, taking photos, giving us aloe vera for our sun burn, packaging our leftovers to take back for our husbands and buying certain cooking utensils we wanted then delivering to us later in the week. Thanks Cam and Lat for a wonderful experience!
Reviewed August 17, 2015
We had a wonderful day learning to cook the most delicious Thai food , using ingredients picked fresh from Lat and Cams incredibly productive and inspirational organic garden , food miles , about 30 steps ! I would recommend doing this cooking class with Lat . I am travelling with my daughter who is allergic to fish /oyster sauce and is vegetarian . I was so thankful that Lat worked around this so beautifully and my daughter learned to cook Thai dishes ( with slight variations ) which were amazing . Thanks also for the aloe Vera for the sunburn , very gratefully revived . This course was great value for money , a great way to spend a day and we feasted ! We left feeling satiated and inspired . Well done Lat and Cam I wish you great success with your cooking school. and thank you for your generosity of spirit.
Reviewed August 16, 2015
We loved everything about our day with Lat and Cam. The tour around the farm, where we learned many things from composting to making “worm water” to where luffa comes from to growing hydroponic lettuce and maximizing growing space by creatively growing above ground was fascinating. We even learned how to know when the chicken lays an egg. The cooking class was fun and very well organized. Everyone in our picky family was able to adjust the ingredients to exactly what they wanted and the results were delicious. Highly recommend, especially as a family activity. Each of our daughters from age 27 – 9 had a great time, as did we grown ups. Oh, and Cam is a professional photographer, we just couldn’t leave without a few of his beautiful photos of Thailand.
Reviewed August 11, 2015
We had a group of girls doing the Organic Cooking Class to celebrate one of our birthdays’. Right from the start (emailing before we came) and throughout the day, Lak and Cam were more than accommodating to our requests! We were able to take our own drinks to have on the day, they made a bed up for my 3 year old when she needed a sleep and they even organised some coconut scrapers for us afterwards. Fantastic people, beautiful gardens, a wealth of information regarding the organic systems they use and divine food, made this one of the very best days we had on Koh Samui. They even gave us wee chocolate cakes for the birthday girl. Can’t recommend it enough!! Thanks for everything guys!
Reviewed July 26, 2015
Lat and Cam are a great couple; they run a beautiful cooking school based on organic principles. It is always so inspiring to meet people who are passionate about their work:the love what they do; they do what they love.  We had a wonderful day; and keeping teenagers engaged for more than 2 hours is quite a challenge: not for Lat. She has humour and the kids cooked tasty Pad Thai, Green Curry and Som Tam. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch. If you go: skip breakfast 🙂Thanks again for a wonderful day in your wonderful place!
Reviewed July 21, 2015Spent the day cooking and learning about organic and sustainable small scale farming at Lat and Cams lovely farm.2 very kind hostsCooked Pad Thai, Saté, Som Tam (papaya salad), green curry chicken – and loved every bite.I would love to come back again to see what new great projects they are doing. Cam – I’ll take you up on the new relaxing bathtubsWe have absolutely nothing negative to say, thank you for the best day of our vacation.
Reviewed June 28, 2015
Lat and Cameron are delighful people and the cooking class is an absolute must and is highly recommended. It all starts with time spent in the garden, a treat! Not only is everything there but Lat will teach a lot about the plants, the growing and how they run it “organically”. You will pick what you need for the cooking and off you go. All the ingredients are well prepared, the setting, outdoors, of the cooking class is really nice, with Cameron’s pictures, light music, colorful ingredients…..and Lat make it a pleasure for us all to cook. There is no rush, this felt like a true vacations day, and we ended up enjoying lunch with what we prepared with Lat and Camerom, who if a photographer and has plenty of interesting stories to tell. They are both passionate about what they do, and sooooooooooo friendly. Do not miss it. This was one of the highlight of our week in Samui.
Reviewed June 24, 2015
This is the first review I have written, but felt it was a must for this place.This place is run by a very loverly and welcoming husband and wife, to which the lessons and held in a open air kitchen in the grounds of their amazing house. The whole day is very relaxed and in a very personal way whilst still being professionally done.The lessons start off with a garden tour to see and pick the days fresh ingredients. Following that you get to cook up some of the best food the island has to offer (even if your not the best chef!).The class teaches you the Thai ways of cooking and how to make these tasty but simple dishes, and you will be trying them again when you get back home!After the lessons you are free to view the husbands photos which are truly amazing and you can buy some if you want (no pressure at all to though!)Thank you for such a memorable experience, I’m going to be bringing authentic thai cooking back to England!  Steve and Helen
Reviewed June 15, 2015

There are plenty of other cooking classes on Sumai but this is the only one with its own garden, all ingredients are organic, we picked the ingredients for each dish as Lat talked us through how her sustainable garden works. We made 4 fab dishes that I’m looking forward to making at home. The kitchen is really cool outdoors next to the garden, there was a really good vibe and I definitely didn’t need dinner that evening! They even packed take away food for us!
I highly recommend booking a class with Lat.

Reviewed June 15, 2015

I cannot rate this class highly enough. I think a review won’t do it justice, I suggest you just book it!
My husband and I had a wonderful half day with Lat and her family. When booking I requested a tweak to the menu based on my preference and there was no problem. We were picked up from our hotel. Lat’s organic garden is beautiful and puts my efforts at home to shame! She was so interesting, explaining how the garden works and giving us an insight into her culture and childhood. When it came to preparing the dishes it was so relaxed, plenty of time for eating and soaking up the atmosphere (eat a light breakfast), I’m excited to try the recipes at home.
Lat’s husband Cameron is a photographer and had beautiful photos on display, he welcomed us into his onside studio, we bought one of his prints but there was no pressure at all to even look at them.
Lat and Cameron gave us such a beautiful experience, my blood pressure definately lowered during that day!

Reviewed May 27, 2015

I chose Lat’s cooking class as a birthday celebration and it was a unique and lovely exeprience for the whole family including my husband and our 2 daughters aged 12 and 9.
Lat, Cameron and their lovely daugthers welcomed us with a big smile and we began with a tour at the organic farm, which included an explanation which was just right for the kids, picking fresh herbs and cooking delicious Thai food. Lat’s oldest daugther helped the girls with everything they needes, while her younger sister became my youngest daugther’s friend.
Lat was charming and had a lot of patience as well as flexibility with the menu and the flow.
We cooked, laughed, ate and enjoyed it all tremendously.
We even bought magnificent souveniers for our relatives – some beautiful pictures taken by Cameron who was preparing his gallery for the opening.
It was a splendid day and we highly recommend it!

Reviewed May 19, 2015 

I absolutely loved island organics! Lat and Cameron were so friendly and amazing. The food was fresh from their home garden and Lat does an amazing job of showing you how to prepare and make each dish from scratch. This was by far one of the best experiences I have had on the islands. The food is absolutely delicious and it is very fulfilling knowing that you prepared and made it yourself (well… With Lat’s help of course ;P)

Reviewed May 11, 2015

What we really loved about Lat’s cookery lesson was that it took place on her organic farm in the Hills of Koh Samui away from the tourist bustle in a spectacular setting which just made our day magical. The class itself was really relaxed and great fun and we produced some fantastic food. Highly recommended for those seeking an authentic experience with lovely people (we met the whole family).

5 of 5 starsReviewed 12 March 2015NEW
My daughter and I have just had the most idyllic experience, learning to cook Thai food. If only cooking could be such a pleasure at home!  From the very start Lat was very welcoming to both me and my nine year old daughter. She made my daughter feel special, and got her involved at every level. We loved seeing the organic farm and how it worked – we learnt so much. We loved picking herbs from the garden too.  The cooking itself was a pleasure, with Lat’s daughter and cousins looking after us every step of the way. We were handed beautifully prepared bowls of ingredients to add to our cooking, and did the odd bit of preparation ourselves. A perfect balance. And then the food …. Wow!!! I’m so happy I can now cook these dishes. We even made our own coconut cream and milk.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this cookery school. It’s an amazing experience.

Thank you Lat! x

Amazing experience and not only cooking. Highly recommended!   Reviewed March 2015
 It was a very well unusual cooking class. We were learning about seeds and growing process of plants. We were collecting herbs and vegetables from the garden. During this class we were using only seasonal fruits and vegetables and it’s so right for the health! After this class I was inspared to grow some herbs as minimum on my kitchen. The recipies we used were my favorites. They were so kind to change the menu according my favorite Thai dishes. I even learned how to cook mango sticky rice. Mmmm… So yami! This cooking class is a must do on Samui!
Woooow! don’t miss it!  Reviewed 6 March 2015
5 of 5 starsAn amazing place! The cooking class is so much fun and very educational. The herb garden is huge, and you pick everything by yourself before you use for the cooking. The hosts are incredibly nice and gracious! Very much recommended!!
“Fantastic Cooking Class”  5 of 5 starsReviewed 4 March 2015
This was a last minute booking as our scuba diving trip got cancelled, but how glad I am that it happened. We were picked up in the morning from our hotel and driven to Lat’s house for the cooking class and what a place to do it!!!!

The class is done outside but undercover and a beautiful spot, surrounded by the wonderful gardens they have there, with a variety of herbs and vegetables that you use in your cooking growing, talk about fresh!

Lat is very welcoming and never stops smiling! She goes through each recipe step by step, but you get to do it all yourself and it tastes incredible. On arrival we made Pad Thai, so make sure you don’t have breakfast before hand. We then had a look around the gardens to see everything growing and sample some of the herbs.

We then made three dishes, a green chicken curry, a red pork curry and papaya salad. We made our own coconut milk and cream for use in the dishes and then sat down to enjoy the food together.

This is a fantastic day out and one of the best cooking classes I have ever done, it is in a wonderful setting and you will make some of the best tasting food you have ever eaten. Would highly recommend to anyone visiting Samui!!

“Highlight of my trip!”  Reviewed 26 February 2015
5 of 5 starsSpending the day learning how to cook Thai food from Lat was truly the highlight of my trip! The entire experience of touring the greenhouses, to picking the ingredients we needed, watching Lat demonstrate, laughing as we attempt it ourselves, to sitting down to eat what we just cooked was over the top fabulous! Both Lat and her husband are wonderful hosts! Cameron took incredible pictures while we cooked which he emailed to us; such a gift to be able to share with family and friends. Now that I am back home, I have cooked several dishes for my friends who absolutely loved what I cookedi!

After such a great experience, I plan to seek out other cooking classes wherever I travel!

“Tummy Rumble in the Jungle”  Reviewed 24 February 2015
5 of 5 starsWe learned to cook with Lat on 23 Feb 2015. Cameron took superb pics of the proceedings and sent them same day to my mail. The experience was great in all respects. We came away with the recipes we cooked and cannot wait to start preparing Thai food at home. Lat’s kitchen is modern and fully equipped and open to the jungle air, really nice. If you want the chance to learn the true Thai way with food, don’t go anywhere else, you will not be disappointed!

Best cooking class i ever had Reviewed February 4, 2015

5 of 5 starsMe and my wife went here for a cooking class. The pickup was prompt and after a short drive we arrived at the “classroom”. After we received the recipes we went into the garden to find the fresh herbs we needed for the cooking. The cook, Lat was very enthusiastic and explained everything about the way the herbs are grown. Plus she let us taste the herbs and they were delicious.  Then we started cooking. She explained everything very well and so we made our own lunch. Because everything is fresh and because you make it yourself it tastes very, very well.  Lat and her husband are very nice people and they make the class personal. The herb garden gives it a nice touch. If we come back next year, we will surely visit Lat again.  If you want to take a cooking class, don’t hesitate, go with Island Organics!

5 Star    January 21, 2015

What an amazing experience, really a dream come true and I could not have chosen a better place to do my first ever cooking class. Thank you Lat for sharing your wonderful cooking skills and being such a great teacher. I am amazed that everything came out so tastey and I ate everything I cooked. Forsure I will come back again before I leave the island.

5 of 5 starsIf you want to learn Thai cooking while on Samui then chef Lat is the best person to visit. Her smallholding provides organic herbs and vegetables, free range eggs and her own farmed fish on site, all guaranteed to be healthy and fresh. Her cooking skills are excellent, teaching style superb and friendly, and the location simply beautiful…
5 of 5 starsReviewed January 7, 2015
I visited Island Organics Thai Cooking Class with my wife last week. Lat and her team completely blew us away with her enormous organic garden, hospitality and cooking skills. She was born to cook! The class was fun, informative and best of all we all sat down at the end together with Lat to enjoy our new found cooking skills. I particularly liked the garden tour, being shown what produce goes with which Thai dish and then picking it fresh prior to cooking in her beautiful and large kitchen. Thank’ so much for your kindness and see you next year Lat!

I am not a cook and was a little anxious joining a class but had absolutely no reason to be worried. From the outset with the fantastic welcome we received and Lat’s relaxed manner I settled quickly into the day. First up Pad Thai with ingredients picked fresh from the organic garden only minutes before. Lat showed us all how to prepare the ingredients and then how to cook the dish. Her English is excellent and she has such an enthusiasm and passion for her craft that we all got engrossed in our learning. Next over to us. Lat’s clear instruction led us through each section of the recipe and she was on hand to assist or guide us gently through the stages. Within a few minutes I had made my first ever Thai dish and I have to say it was truly wonderful. Another trip into the fabulous organic garden to collect ingredients for my favourite Thai dish – green curry. At home we buy a paste which my husband uses to cook. This time we were going to make our own and never again would we buy a paste. This fresh blend of herbs and spices was truly amazing and so easy to do we all wondered why we never found time at home to make it. Again with her easy “show and tell” style Lat demonstrated the dish with us following her enthusiastically upon completion. This was without doubt the best green curry I had ever tasted and I had made it! For me this really was a true achievement as I don’t cook at home – so if any of you out there are in any doubt as to whether or not you should go, please don’t hesitate it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The final dish was prepared jointly – tilapia with garlic – and then we all sat down to enjoy our home cooked, organic Thai dishes together overlooking the stunning gardens. What a fabulous day – thanks so much Lat and able assistant Ging – for bringing out the chef in me. I will be back again for sure.
After making a fresh Pad Thai, we then picked our own fresh herbs from the organic garden and proceeded to cook a green Thai curry, which flavours we’re going to stay with me for a lifetime. We finally finished with cooking a huge Talapia with Garlic. All of these dishes I will be making when I get home.

Lat is a “masterchef” who’s teaching style and charisma enables the most inept pupil like myself create such wonderful and flavoursome food.  I loved the way all the ingredients including the oils are Organic, all of which is grown in Lat’s fantastic garden.  After visiting many cooking schools this setup and location is amazing and if you want to know how to cook truly fantastic Thai food this is the place to do it.

Thank you for a wonderful day Lat and look forward to spending another day with you.