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Australian ‘Getaway’ TV clip 2016 

Master Chef Lat debuts on ‘Getaway’ Australia’s leading travel and leisure TV series with presenter Tim Blackwell…

Fah Thai Review March / April 2016 PDF download 

A FIELD OF THEIR OWN… Bangkok Air Fah Thai magazine interviews Lat & Cam… In 2012 an Australian photographer and his Thai wife turned their hilly village homestead into Samui’s marquee destination for organic agriculture, in so doing spearheading a now-burgeoning farm to-table movement. Despite challenging conditions, their innovations are being emulated by farmers, business owners and resort hotels all over the holiday island 

Fah Thai Review March / April 2015 PDF download

Island Organics hosts cooking classes with a difference. Owner and teacher Khun Lat tells Fah Thai more…

A Thai cooking experience like no other

Samui Times: There are several Thai cooking classes available to residents and visitors of Koh Samui but none of them offer quite the same experience you will find at Island Organics. Here you will not only take a journey into Thai cuisine but one that literally takes you back to its very roots. The Island Organics Thai Cooking Class will whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of the island to a heavenly place where time almost seems to stand still, a place where the organic ingredients you will use to create authentic and delicious dishes are flourishing in the fertile ground under the warm Samui sun waiting to be picked by your own fair hands.